I Love to Glean is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of partnering with others to facilitate countywide food recovery systems that increase the capacity for recovery and distribution of otherwise wasted food to agencies serving those in need. We work directly with feeding agencies and kitchens who then distribute to end clients.

Current Programs

1. Residential Gleaning
2. Community Glean Up events
3. Assist SDFSA and groups in Imperial Beach on Food Vision 2030 Project
4. Continue to facilitate the South San Diego County Food Recovery workgroup in plans for a large and permanent collaborative Food Recovery Warehouse and Production Kitchen in the region
5. Work with agencies to identify their capacity building needs and fill gaps where possible

1. Start warehouse in Chula Vista, CA. to support feeding agency logistics and capacity building
2. Start store recovery program to support agency distributions

We need the community’s assistance in getting this facility up and running to increase the recovery and distribution of nutritious food in the region as the need to feed people rapidly increases.

Backyard GleaningReusable boxes (crates)
Backyard Gleaning 5 gallon buckets
Backyard Gleaning Garden Clippers (10)
Backyard Gleaning Gripper Gloves (36)
Backyard Gleaning Picking Poles(5)
Facility Maintenancecanvas covers
Facility MaintenanceCleaning and sanitation equipment
Facility/Program Admin3 Chrome books, printer and supplies
Facility/Program AdminIndustrial cell phones - 4 (2 drivers, 1 admin, 1 mgr)
Training/MarketingMobile A/V equipment
Transportation~24' Refrigerated Truck
Transportation~24’ Box Truck
Transportationfood rescue coolers/equipment
Warehouse Equipment32 gallon cans
Warehouse EquipmentBins
Warehouse EquipmentDock Ramp
Warehouse EquipmentDollys
Warehouse EquipmentForklift
Warehouse Equipmentlow profile floor scale 4'x4'x4"
Warehouse EquipmentSecurity and Alarm system
Warehouse EquipmentShelving - agency storage/staging
Warehouse EquipmentSorting, prep area and sinks
Warehouse Equipmenttents (pop ups)
Warehouse EquipmentFreezers

Volunteers are needed to pick up donations with strong backs and appropriate vehicles and can sign up on the Volunteers Page

Other Donations I Love to Glean is currently fiscally sponsored by Leah’s Pantry.
Donations can be made via Paypal here:

Co-Authored Reports

San Diego Residential Gleaning Possibilities - COSD Sup District
Report goal - to develop a better understanding of the enormous quantity of food available in residential gardens and to help organizations define and implement food recovery systems, redistribution, processing, landfill diversion and Green House Gas (GHG) avoidance in San Diego County.

2019 Report - The State of the Food System in the San Diego Region
Report goal - to understand what the food system looks like in San Diego county, its current state, its challenges, and areas of opportunity. The report also identifies metrics to track progress in the different areas of the food system.

Food Donation Action Plan for the San Diego Region
Report Goal - to support and improve food donation in the San Diego region to help address food and nutrition insecurity, while also reducing food waste, which are priorities of the Live Well San Diego Food System Initiative. This initiative supports the County of San Diego’s (County) Live Well San Diego vision of a region that is building better health, living safely, and thriving.

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